The law firm Malo & Partners established in January 1996 is a medium size independent law firm with a reputation for providing high quality legal services to foreign and local corporate and individual clients.

In 1998, the firm became one of the leading law firms representing the most important foreign and local investors. In September 1999, the firm merged with another local law firm, from which separated in May 2006 starting again under the same name “Malo & Partners” (MnP).

Thanks of our library and technology the firm is able to provide up-to-date legal advice covering a wide range of issues.

The firm has solid experience in providing legal advice on company law, contracts, banking law, merger and acquisition, in the telecommunications sector, privatization and litigations to domestic and international companies and institutions operating or intending to invest in Albania. Furthermore, in cooperation with professional lawyers has acquired very significant expertise in criminal law.

Our dedication to the highest standards of professional expertise enables us to understand the needs of our clients and ensures a cost-effective highest quality service in all legal matters. Our lawyers keep close relationship with the clients, producing practical and efficient legal solutions to their needs.

Due to good links with auditor companies our clients have expressed their satisfaction with our cooperation lately in the fiscal and financial services.

From summer 2007 the firm is member of LAWorld a network of independent law firms which are international in outlook, local in scope.

We Are Malo & Partners

  • We invest heavily in technology

    to ensure our clients can reach us when they need us. We are a high-tech office and scanned copies of all papers in our files are kept in duplicate electronic form. We can instantly access all necessary case or matter information at any hour of the day, from anywhere.