Our Staff

Vojo Malo - Managing Partner

Vojo Malo

Mr. Malo is founder of the firm providing wide range of legal advice. His practice includes all aspects of commercial law for which he followed the post graduation course in Queen Mary Westfield College of London University.

Mr. Malo is also experienced with corporate transactional issues, including the formation, structuring and maintaining entities of all shapes and sizes. He provides ongoing advice and counsel to firm's clients concerning their day-to-day legal requirements.

Thanks to Mr. Malo's legal advice and experience in the field of commercial sector, contracting, negotiation, industry, banking, corporate law and privatization some of the main clients of the firm are among the most important foreign investors in Albania.

Mr. Malo born and raised in Tirana, Albania and is a member of Albanian Bar Association, International Bar Association. From 2006 he is elected as Chairman of Sports Arbitration Council near National Olympic Comity. His hobby is diving and he is holder of advanced diver license. He loves dogs, music and goes jogging.

Contact email: vmalo@mnplegal.com

Mr. Halim Islami - Advisor

Halim Islami

Mr. Islami is one of the distinguished lawyers in Tirana offering his valuable contribution for our office.

Mr. Islami has a very long experience in great number of areas of law, especially in law on organisation and functioning of the judicial power, the judicial policy, the prosecutor office etc.

During his professional carrier, Mr. Islami has worked as district prosecutor office in Durres; jurist in state administration; specialist at the Codification Directory in the Ministry of Justice; consultant to the General Prosecutor and the Minister of Justice, the Chairman of Commission for the Legal Reform in the Ministry of Justice.

Mr. Islami has chaired the working group for drawing up the Code of Penal Procedure and has been member in working groups for drafting several laws, such as law on the Judicial Power, the Prosecutor Office, the Judicial Policy, the Ministry of Justice, the High and Constitutional Court, the Court of Grave Crimes, the Ministry of Justice, on prevention and strike of organized crime, on measures against financing of terrorism, on execution of penal decision, on rights of imprisoned persons, etc.

Mr. Islami is author of some editions such as, the Penal Procedure of Republic of Albania (edition of the year 1996), the Democratization of Penal Legislation (edition of the year 2000) the Penal Procedure (a book for college, editions of the years 2003, 2006, 2007, 2010), alphabetic index of the Albanian legislation (edition of the years 1996, 2000) etc. Also Mr. Islami is author of many studies and professional articles published on legal magazines.

Currently, Mr. Islami gives his contribution in teaching field working as lecturer of Penal Procedure at the Magistrate School.

Contact email: hislami@mnplegal.com

Albana Tushe

Albana Tushe

Ms. Tushe joined the firm in the year 2007. She assists the firm in all aspects of corporate and civil law, real estate law, administrative law, contracting, electronic communication law, employment and family law, banking and finance law, intellectual and property law.

Thanks to her very professional contribution and her skills on different foreign languages makes its clients to feel comfortable with our firm.

Prior to joining Malo & Partners, Ms. Tushe was working as an independent lawyer for almost one year after she left the Boga & Associates law firm.

She is graduated for law in the Faculty of Law at Tirana University, on 2003. She has attended a training on Alternative Dispute Resolution with George Washington University, during the year 2008, in Washington D.C., USA.

She is member of Albanian Bar of Association. Starting from February 2011 Ms. Tushe is member of the Board of Directors of the Association MARCHE- ALBANIA which aims to promote and intensify commercial, financial and cultural relationships and economic-technical collaboration between Italian companies of Marche Region, but not only, and Albanian companies in different sectors such as industry, trade, fishing, services etc. and tourism in particular.

Ms. Tushe is born in Gjirokastra, a southern city of Albania. In her spare time, among others, Ms. Tushe enjoys reading classic literature.

Contact email: atushe@mnplegal.com

Darling Fama

Mr. Fama representing effective problem solutions and creativity he is experienced in various aspects of tax and litigation law. He has joined the firm since the year 1999, and after an experience of six years in tax and customs sector he re-joins the firm in year 2006. Mr. Fama has proven strong ability to identify and capitalize opportunities, intuition analysis and effective communication skills. Thanks to his qualifications, strong attention to details and litigation experience, including also processing of penal issues in fiscal area, clients feel comfortable within the firm and very well served.

Contact email: dfama@mnplegal.com

Erdit Musaj

Erdit Musaj

Mr. Musaj is the new member of our staff who joined us on the year 2010.

Mr. Musaj is mainly engaged in the field of real estate focusing in maintaining relationships with Real Estate Offices in Tirana and other districts by pursuing and updating continuously information for real estates of firm' clients. He is also involved in firm's day to day activity and his readiness and correction in performing his task contribute in progress of the daily activity.

Mr. Musaj has a previous work experience as member of commission for evaluation of ownership titles with Prefecture of Tirana District.

Mr. Musaj is born in Saranda, and he is graduated for law at the private University "Luarasi" on 2007.

Mr. Musaj speaks Greek and English.

Malvina Cala Office Manager

Malvina Cala

Ms. Cala joined the firm in the year 2009 bringing a sound practise in administration sector and communication with clients. She has excellent communications skills combined with increasing will in deepening her knowledge relative to her position as the office manager.

Mr. Cala is graduated in the year 2008 in Faculty of History- Geography, Geography Branch, at Tirana University. Currently, she is attending the studies for Law.

Ms. Cala assists the firm in daily operations with clients. She keeps a very well organized archive and thanks to her contribution our work, operations and records are very well managed and organized. She is also ready and willing to work in team and assist in complex projects.

Ms. Cala speaks English and Italian

Contact email: mcala@mnplegal.com