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The year 1996 was a year of major elections, major explosions and the end of the world's most famous marriage:

  1. America and Russia both re-elected their leaders: On November 5 Democrat Bill Clinton was re-elected US president and on July 3 Boris Yeltsin was re-elected Russian president. Right-winger Binyamin Netanyahu was narrowly elected Israel's prime minister. And in September national elections were held peacefully in recently war-torn Bosnia.
  2. The US city of Atlanta hosted the summer Olympic Games. But a bomb stole headlines from the sporting achievements, exploding in the Olympic Park on July 27. On June 25 a U.S military base in Saudi Arabia was bombed. On July 17 TWA Flight 800 exploded over Long Island, New York.
  3. On August 28 the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was confirmed by England's High Court, dissolving the Royal couple's15 year marriage.
  4. NeXT merged with Apple.
  5. Euro 1996 in England was Germany's return to superpower status in football.

  6. In addition to all of these and more others in January 1996, the attorney Mr. Vojo Malo created the law firm “Malo & Partners”, in Tirana, Albania practicing mainly commercial law, corporate law, administrative law, banking law, contracting and privatization law.

Latest Works

  • Legal and administrative

    Assisting a client in legal and administrative procedure related with purchase from state authorities of two immovable properties

  • Foreign companies

    Giving legal assistance and support to foreign companies which have lately incorporated and registered new commercial companies in Albania

International Services

  • The development of global markets means that many of our clients carry out business in different jurisdictions. To respond to the needs of our clients we are members of an international legal group called LAWorld (www.laworld.com). We are invited to become the LAWorld representative for Albania.
  • Our active membership of such an organization enables us to provide added value to our clients by referring them to a firm in a foreign jurisdiction, safe in the knowledge that our member colleagues have similar levels of service to our own. In particular, all members have broadly based commercial, corporate and business practices with litigation capabilities and can help our clients with issues such as cross border transactions, business migration or international contracts. Like us, our LAWorld colleagues have a strong commitment to the use of the latest technology and have English speaking lawyers who communicate efficiently with us.
  • For a list of members and international legal updates please visit www.laworld.com
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